Electro Love Boliyan (Single)

Title: Electro Love Boliyan
Artist: Bikram Singh
Album: BIK.I.AM
Producer: Tigerstyle
Writers: R. Sadhar & B. Singh
Label: Soldier Sound Recordings
Publisher: A K Music Publishing
Release Date: 22.12.11

“Electro Love Boliyan” is another single from well received album BIK I AM by New Yorker based Bikram Singh! Bikram, this time works alongside long time tour DJ and resident at Basement Bhangra, Ranbir-S. Delving deeper into fusing his vocals with synthetic soundscapes and beats to deliver a very unique sounding set of Punjabi Boliyan. The single comes packaged this time with a DJ Shadow remix of hit track “Beyonce”.

Cat no: SSR003DS3


01 Electro Love Boliyan GB-7HE-11-00304
02 Electro Love Boliyan - Instrumental GB-7HE-11-00324
02 Beyonce Remix (Y2Z &DJ Shadow Dubai Remix) GB-7HE-11-00334