Back To Bhangra (Album)

Title: Back To Bhangra
Artist: Rav-E
Cat No: SSR005
Label: Soldier Sound Recordings
Publisher: A K Music Publishing
Release Date: 29.05.14
UPC code: 5060350514515

Back To Bhangra Album PR:

Back To Bhangra is the highly anticipated debut album by US based producer Rav-E. A disciple of Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti Ji, Rav-E has created a product that lives up to it’s name. The 11 track album incorporates elements of Punjabi folk and contemporary Bhangra. The album features established artists such as Surinder Shinda and Ashok Gill, along with a very talented group of upcoming vocalists such as Maninder Shinda, Ladla Punjabi, and Aalam Jasdeep Singh.

Kundian Mucha PR:

Check out the 4th single taken from Rav-E’s debut album, Back To Bhangra. Rav-E has seamlessly fused western synths with live Bhangra style boliyan. Kundian Mucha features Pappi Gill and Amar Gill, two respected artists from the Punjab and US Bhangra competition circuits. Pappi Gill has released multiple singles over the last 10 years and is a well sought after live boliyan singer in Punjab amongst the college circuit. Amar Gill is a top dhol player in the US and student of Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti Ji. By teaming up with the two, Rav-E has re-created the energetic vibe of a live Bhangra performance.

Twitter: or @Rav_E
Instagram: @rav_emusic

Videos :

01 Reshmi Dupatta (feat. Ashok Gill) GB7HE1300502
02 Jogi Remix (feat. Ladla Punjabi) GB7HE1400504
03 Vehra (feat. Sahib) GB7HE1400505
04 Kundian Mucha (feat. Pappi Gill & Amar Gill) GB7HE1400506
05 Gulabi Pagg (feat. Major Mattu) GB7HE1400507
06 Return of Sucha Soorma (feat. Maninder Shinda) GB7HE1400508
07 Vasda (feat. Aalam Jasdeep Singh) GB7HE1400509
08 pachian Pinda Da (feat. Harry Singh & Rush Toor) GB7HE1400510
09 Bhangra Boliyan (feat. Aalam Jasdeep Singh) GB7HE1400511
10 Haan Karde (feat. A S Amar) GB7HE1200501
11 Punjabi (feat. Surinder Shinda) GB7HE1300503