Digi-Bhang (Album)

Title: “Digi-Bhang” (Album)
Artist: Tigerstyle
Label: Soldier Sound Recordings
Cat No: SSR004
Release Date: 23.05.2013










"Our new album Digi-Bhang promises to be an active assault on the senses for fans of all genres. We've combined Indian folk music form “Bhangra” with contemporary electronic elements and traditional influences. Prepare yourselves for Digi-Bhang!!" - Pops & Raj Tigerstyle

"Where your standard bhangra single is like a Japanese hatch back, solid, reliable, yet never offering anything out of the ordinary, Tigerstyle’s production is more like an Italian supercar, wild and unique yet just as necessary as the other end of the spectrum. Music lovers will rejoice at the experimentation by Tigerstyle in an attempt to push the boundaries." - Chakdey.com

"Strong vocals, intricate production and fresh bass lines make Digi-Bhang a stunning album. There is not one weak track that lets it down and Digi-Bhang exceeded my expectations. It is innovative, original and creative. This isn’t just bhangra, this is Digi-Bhang." - Sari Clad Speakers

"Tigerstyle are a very different to other producers on the scene, they are not aiming solely at one audience or a particular scene, they push boundaries with their own music and deliver quality, others should look at how they do this, and also test themselves by venturing into the unknown more often." - Desi Music Xpress