Bad Company (Single)

Title: Bad Company

Artist: Ranjit Bawa feat. Tigerstyle

Music: Tigerstyle

Lyrics: Jaggi Tohra

Video: Stalinveer

Label: Speed Records

Distribution: ABC Digital

Release date: 27th May 2016


Punjab’s youth sensation Ranjit Bawa teams up with UK’s finest music production duo Tigerstyle in this adrenalin pumping new track Bad Company.
These two acts came together at the start of 2015, launching Ranjit Bawa’s award winning debut album Mitti Da Bawa with the hit single Swag Jatt Da. Once again they prove their formula works, as Bad Company perfectly blends raw folk vocals and instrumentation with slamming beats and plenty of bass, the signature elements Bawa and his collaborators Tigerstyle are known for.
Lyrics by Jaggi Tohra speak the harsh truths, spewing wise words which no one can deny. Stalinveer weaves a plot highlighting problems of antisocial behaviour and examination fraud ridden college life in his video adaptation of this beast of a soundtrack.